How To Cure If You See Your Cat Peeing Blood


want to know about how to cure if you see your cat peeing blood? Here you will find all sorts of relevant answers and solutions to your queries and doubts related to animal’s health.


We all love cats and usually most of us in favor of having them as our personal pets, But likely they are still animals and living beings. But sometimes having cats as pets can be very challenging in so many ways. Like humans who suffer from several diseases just like that animals are not exception for that especially in cats, it has been seen that there are many several many problems are found in cats most commonly is urinary tract problems. Blood in a cat’s urine can be the sign of many things and it is a condition called HEMATURIA, which indicates serious disease. This type of problems is usually found out in young cats and is a natural disease that is running from specific genres of animals and mostly this infection is found out in female cats rather than male cats. Below we have listed some of the real fact about to help you understand what are the symptoms that causes this epidemic in cats and  how you can prevent this from happening.

  • How found out that your cat has blood in its urine?

If your cat is not provided with the litter box in your home, then you can’t know the health problems of your pet. You will see that your cat peeing on towels, carpets, clothes and other pieces of cardboards. What happens is that cat will feel pain while urinating in the littler box or where it normally pees and soon after that it will stop using that same location. You will hear your cat meowing while urinating and sometimes the irritation is so painful that cat even tries to pee standing right next you where usually it never happens before. How To Cure If You See Your Cat Peeing BloodYou may even notice some drops of blood in floor, or in the litter box. You may not realize how important is to note these things. So, the best way to find out if you ever feel any health problem in your cats provide them with cat litter box to see what is wrong with them.

  • What are the symptoms?

There are so many symptoms that you can found out in your cat such as,

1) Loss of weight

2) Loss of appetite

3) Vomiting

4) Licking its genitals more often than usual

These are the symptom that is considered in the emergency. Cat peeing blood indicates many problems like diabetes, kidney problems, and in some cases problems could be life threatening if you ever see blood in your cat’s urine. So you might have to take your cat to the veterinarian immediately.

  • What are the causes?

In order to take your cat to the veterinarian you need to provide a sample of its urine, so it can help him to examine what are the main causes of this disease. They will take blood tests to check for bacteria, crystals, and other things as well. As we have told you before the correct form for having blood in urine is called (HEMATURIA). Mostly urinary tract infections are found in older cats particularly females. Because they have narrow urethra so they are often at more risk for a blockage that can be life threatening.

  • How to prevent this urinary tract infection in your cats

By proper feeding can help prevent urinary tract problems in you cats. For that you need to select a healthy at food that is low on magnesium. There are so many people who truly don’t understand how to treat their cats, they are also the creatures of natures and they need to fed a great healthy food like dry foods, canned foods both are best for preventing urinary tract health. You need to give your cats a teaspoon of canned food added with water, the water can help to flush the urinary tract by keeping it healthy. With this method you cat peeing blood issue will be resolved but understand one thing always mix the canned food with in water because it contains carbohydrates that can contributes developing car diabetes.

  • Which type of foods you should give to your cats?

A proper meal based on diet is very important, there are many commercial cat foods are loaded with cheap fillers that can help reduce the chances of cats urinating problems. You can also give more water to your cat by providing them with the fresh water always. It is better to give them water in a ceramic bowl or in stainless steel bowl because a plastic bowl could contain bacteria’s. if you always want to see your cats fresh and clean so always try to clean their litter box because some cats hold their urine because finding litter box dirty every time and holding urine can cause problems as well.

These are some of the real facts about how to cure if you see your cat peeing blood. After it is all about your personal pets that you need to take care of their health and make sure they live a health life because in some point holding diseased infected animal can cause human problems in so many ways. So, it is up to us to find the better place and provide them with clean and fresh water so they never had any kind of problem which can bring harm to your pets. It is very important that your cat quickly sees a veterinarian if there is any blood in the urine so the sooner you go the more chances that the disease can be over. Because having pets is not the big deal but taking care of their well being is the responsibility that you need to take seriously. For more information and latest news and updates keep visiting our website.















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